My voice likes in USA…”faldista/musico/vo”

spanish Voice Over talent Home Studio

spanish voice over man likes in Whasington DC

I am a spanish voice actor with over 15 years experience in the audio market. It´s been a hard way to arrive here and still fighting. Also looking forward to trying in the Latin Voices market . Soon, I will put new demos.

Today I have received a recommendation and excellent advice from Jane Ingalls, a great American bilingual voice over talent and opera singer based in Whasington DC, and very nice people that love spanish culture. Thank you very much for your comments and help to introduce me in the big American voice over market.


And that is very important to our job reputation and our future as a self made man.
Thank you very much Jane, sure that this is a really good new for me in the hard life of the voice over workers.

I´m open to texts, scripts and characters to test me, my cultural capabilities and my audio quality….and sorry, my poor English hau hau hau!!!

I have my own home studio ( soundproof booth and high-end microphones and professional audio software) for your voiceover jobs . I have a degree in journalism, and
I´m very creative , so that I can make sure that your texts will be perfect for my castilian latin touch, as Antonio Banderas, for the Spanish Voiceover Market

I defend myself well in English and French languages and I can imitate many accents as Russian, German , Italian, Portuguese , Galician, Catalan, Andalusian , Basque, Extremadurian , Argentine , Mexican …etc.

My vocal color is warm, trustworthy, professional, instructional, friendly, articulate, sincere.

I have and excellent contact with a lot of dubbing directors and dubbing actors in Spain. I can undertake major projects dubbing or audiobook recordings.

Thanks for your time, contact me if you need a complete spanish audiovisual and creative profesional for your success in you voice projects.

Luis Alberto Casado, journalist and spanish VO talent home estudio

Jane Ingalls with the great Placido Domingo